Richard Moore, percussion & cimbalom


‘Moore is one of very few cimbalom players in our midst and interspersed with these percussive offerings we are treated to his own adaptation of an Andante for solo piano by Bela Bartok on this distinctive instrument, plus an original work by the Bavarian composer Frederik Schwenk…Moore is an accomplished musician and these tracks demonstrate his command of many aspects of the contemporary percussionist’s arsenal.’ The Wholenote

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Canadian born drummer/percussionist/cimbalist Richard Moore studied timpani, percussion and historic percussion (baroque timpani) under Dr.Peter Sadlo at the Hochschule for Musik in Munich, Germany. Mr. Moore received his bachelor and master’s degrees from the University of Toronto under Dr.Russell Hartenberger and Robin Engelman of NEXUS. His performing work covers a wide range of genres and styles of music, from classical and new music through world, jazz, improvised and music for shows, film and TV. For further information please see the individual pages on Richard’s website at

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