The Bird Project


This disc by a trio of Torontonians defies any category, yet is so well done that anyone open to a different kind of listening experience should give it a spin. Combining recorder, flute (both played with gossamer fluidity by Alison Melville), hurdy-gurdy (Ben Grossman) and spoken voice (Kathleen Kajioka) in various permutations, the 16 tracks work like a multi-layered narrative. Each twist and turn brings a fresh surprise…Turn off the lights and the phone, give yourself 52 minutes, and prepare to be enchanted.’ Toronto Star

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The bird project is an ongoing exploration of artistic interaction with the natural world. While the bird project’s main focus is music – composed and improvised, both acoustic and electronic, with an eclectic range of influences – it also includes spoken narrative and poetry, video and live visuals, and sometimes photography. Though unlikely to remain fixed on any one inspiration for too long, the current focus is avian: the bird as muse, collaborator, messenger, instructor, devil’s advocate…the bird project seeks to inspire reflection upon the beauty and significance of the natural world and our indisputable connection with it.

On Something in the Air: Alison Melville (artistic director), traverso, recorders, willow flute; Kathleen Kajioka, reader; Ben Grossman, hurdy gurdy, electronics.

Also in the band: Andrei Streliaev, piano; Debashis Sinha, video, live visuals

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